Holidays in Nepal 2022

There are 22 public holidays in Nepal in 2022, one of which falls on Saturday.

The following is the list of public holidays in Nepal 2022.

Maghe SankrantiJan 15, 2022SaturdayPublic Holiday
Sonnam LosarFeb 02, 2022WednesdayPublic Holiday
Maha ShivaratriMar 01, 2022TuesdayPublic Holiday
Nari DibasMar 08, 2022TuesdayPublic Holiday
Ghode JatraApr 01, 2022FridayRegional Holiday
Ram NavamiApr 10, 2022SundayPublic Holiday
Nepali New YearApr 14, 2022ThursdayPublic Holiday
Labour DayMay 01, 2022SundayPublic Holiday
Ramjan Edul FikraMay 03, 2022TuesdayMuslim
Buddha JayantiMay 16, 2022MondayPublic Holiday
Ganatantra DiwasMay 29, 2022SundayPublic Holiday
Edul AajahaJul 10, 2022SundayMuslim
Gai jatraAug 12, 2022FridayRegional Holiday
Gaura ParbaAug 19, 2022FridayPublic Holiday
Haritalika TeejAug 30, 2022TuesdayWomen only
Indra JatraSep 09, 2022FridayRegional Holiday
Constitution DaySep 19, 2022MondayPublic Holiday
GhatasthapanaSep 26, 2022MondayPublic Holiday
PhulpatiOct 02, 2022SundayPublic Holiday
Maha AshtamiOct 03, 2022MondayPublic Holiday
Maha NavamiOct 04, 2022TuesdayPublic Holiday
Vijaya DashamiOct 05, 2022WednesdayPublic Holiday
EkadashiOct 06, 2022ThursdayPublic Holiday
Laxmi PujaOct 24, 2022MondayPublic Holiday
Govardhan PujaOct 26, 2022WednesdayPublic Holiday
Chhath PujaOct 30, 2022SundayPublic Holiday
Guru Nanak's BirthdayNov 08, 2022TuesdaySikhs only
Udhauli ParvaDec 08, 2022ThursdayPublic Holiday
Christmas DayDec 25, 2022SundayChristian only
Tamu LosarDec 30, 2022FridayPublic Holiday

Please also check working days in Nepal in 2022.

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