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Comments are the notes about the part of the contents in Microsoft products. It is very common that you use comments to leave feedback when you are sharing a word document with others. The comments in a Word document will appear on the right margin (please check here if you want to move comments to left) and show in a block with your name. If you do not want to show your name, please refer to how to change author name in a comment.

1. Add a Comment

Step 1: Select the text where you want to add a comment;

Step 2: Click the "Review" tab from the Ribbon, and click "New Comment" (or right click and select "New Comment" from the dialog box);

Step 3: Type your comments in the box. Click anywhere else to finish your comment. If you think the comment column is too wide, please refer to How to Adjust Comment Column Width to make the comment column narrower.

2. Delete a Comment

If you do not want the comments, you can always delete them from the document. To delete a comment, you need to right click on it, and select "Delete Comment" from the dialog box.

Different from clearing the comments in Excel, to delete all the comments in a word file, you need to click the "Review" tab first, and click "Delete All Comments in Document" from the "Delete" drop-down list.

3. Reply a Comment

You may sometimes need to reply to a comment. For example, You sent a document to your boss for review, and he puts questions in the comments. To reply to these comments, please click the "Reply" below the comments and type your answers. The replied answers will show up below the comment.

4. Resolve a Comment

If you have read the comment and have nothing to do with it, but think that is a good comment, you may mark the comment done.

If you work with Word 2016 or an earlier version, you need to right-click the text of the comment and choose "Mark Comment Done" from the dialog box. The words in the commend fade to light gray.

If you work with Word 2019, you may need to click "Resolve" under the comment to make comment text into light gray. You will find "Resolve" turns into "Reopen" in the comment box.


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