How to Change Comment Author Name in Word File

When working with Word or Excel documents, it is very common to add comments when you view them. After adding a comment, you will find your name appears together with the comment. If you do not want to show your name in the comments, you can always change or delete it with the steps below:

Step 1: Click the "File" tab from the ribbon;

Step 2: Click "Options" from the left navigation menu;

Step 3: In the "General" section, change User Name to a different name, e.g., "David", and click "OK" at the bottom to close the "Word Options" window. Please make sure to check the box of the message "Always use these values regardless of sign in to Office".

Step 4: Go back to the word file and add a comment, you will find the name is now changed. Please check the post "How to Change Font Size" to change the font size if you think the current font is too small or too big.

Instead of changing the user name to another name, can I have no name in the comments?

When we delete the name in the user name box, the user name comes back when we open the box again. In other words, the user name box cannot be empty so we use space to complete the trick.

Repeat step 1 and step 2, then in step 3, instead of typing a new name, please type a space and click "OK" to close the window. When adding new comments, the name is gone! If you also want to change the colour of the comment box, please refer to How to Change the Comment Box Color, or hide the author's picture in the comment following "How to Hide Image in the Comment Box".


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