How to Adjust Comment Column Width in Word

When working with a word document, you may need to add comments for feedback. By default, the comment balloons will display on the right margin of the contents and make the contents column narrower. If you think the comment balloons column is too wide and takes too much space, you can make the comment column narrower to leave more space for contents with the steps below:

Step 1: Click the "Review" tab from the Ribbon;

Step 2: Click the right-bottom corner of the "Tracking" section to open the "Change Tracking Options" window;

Step 3: Click "Advanced Options" in the "Changing Tracking Option" window;

Step 4: In the "Preferred width" box, type the width number (e.g., 5) and select the measurement method in the "Measure in" box.

Now you will notice the width of the comment balloons is much narrow.


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