What to doShortcuts
Format Style dialog boxAlt + '
Select the visible cellsAlt + ;
AutoSum the numbersAlt + =
Go to Data tabAlt + A
Open the File pageAlt + F
Go to the Home tabAlt + H
Go to Formula tabAlt + M
Go to Insert tabAlt + N
Go to Page Layout tabAlt + P
Open the "Tell me" boxAlt + Q
Open the Review tabAlt + R
Open the View tabAlt + W
Open the dropdown menuAlt + ↓
Start a new line in the same cellAlt + Enter
Create an embedded chartAlt + F1
Save AsAlt + F2
Closes ExcelAlt + F4
Open Macro dialog boxAlt + F8
Open the Microsoft Visual Basic for ApplicationsAlt + F11
Move one screen to the rightAlt + PageDown
Move one screen to the leftAlt + PageUp
Inserts a new worksheetAlt + Shift + F1
Save the workbookAlt + Shift + F2
Display the menu for Error CheckingAlt + Shift + F10
Calculate worksheets in all open workbooksCtrl + Alt + F9
Check formulas and calculate all cellsCtrl + Alt + Shift + F9
Display "Paste Special" dialog boxCtrl + Alt + V
Center align cell contentsAlt + H, A, C
Add bordersAlt + H, B
Delete columnAlt + H, D, C
Choose a fill colorAlt + H, H
Define a name to use in referencesAlt + M, M, D
Switches to Page Break Preview viewAlt + W, I
Switches to Normal viewAlt + W, L
Switches to Page Layout viewAlt, W, P