Independence Day (North Macedonia)

Independence Day is a public holiday in North Macedonia, and it is observed on September 8 each year.

Independence Day commemorates the referendum for Independence that took place in 1991.

The Republic of North Macedonia is a country in Southeast Europe. The territory was under different rules of the Bulgarian, Byzantine, Serbian, Ottoman Empire in the past centuries. After World War II, it became a constituent state of communist Yugoslavia, and it remained as one of the 6 socialist republics of the Socialist Federal Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) until 1991 when the Yugoslavia was dissolved.

Following the independence of Slovenia and Croatia on June 25, 1991 from Yugoslavia, North Macedonia held the national referendum for independence on September 8, 1991. Of the 76% who voted in the referendum, 95.5% of them voted for the independence of the Republic Macedonia.

On September 18, 1991, the referendum results were released to the public, and on September 25, 1991, North Macedonia declared its independence from Yugoslavia.

The following is the list of Independence Day in North Macedonia from 2021 to 2025.

Holiday Date Weekday
Independence Day Sep 08, 2021 Wednesday
Independence Day Sep 08, 2022 Thursday
Independence Day Sep 08, 2023 Friday
Independence Day Sep 08, 2024 Sunday
Sep 09, 2024 Monday
Independence Day Sep 08, 2025 Monday

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