Saint Kliment Ohridski Day

Saint Kliment Ohridski Day is a public holiday in North Macedonia, and it is observed on December 8 each year.

Saint Kliment Ohridski was one of the most prominent disciples of Saints Cyril and Methodius, who brought Christianity to the Slavic peoples of central Europe. Kliment was known for the establishment of the two literary academies. In the academies, he taught theology with the Slavonic language, and trained about 3,500 students.

Kliment was also known the invention of the Cyrillic alphabet. The alphabet was created based on the Slovenian phonetic characteristics, as a result, it was widely used after. He is considered as the patron of education and language by some Slavic people because of his significant contribution to the Slavic education.

The exact date when Kliment was born is unknown, however, people believe he was born in the 840s. He died in 916, and was buried in St. Panteleimon, the monastery located in Ohrid, North Macedonia.

The following is the list of Saint Kliment Ohridski Day in North Macedonia from 2021 to 2025.

Holiday Date Weekday
Saint Kliment Ohridski Day Dec 08, 2021 Wednesday
Saint Kliment Ohridski Day Dec 08, 2022 Thursday
Saint Kliment Ohridski Day Dec 08, 2023 Friday
Saint Kliment Ohridski Day Dec 08, 2024 Sunday
Dec 09, 2024 Monday
Saint Kliment Ohridski Day Dec 08, 2025 Monday

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