Hangul Day (South Korea)

Hangul Day, also known as Hangeul Day, is a public holiday in South Korea, and it is observed on October 9 each year.

Hangul Day celebrates the invention and the proclamation of the alphabets of the Korean writing system, known as Hangul. Before the creation of Hangul, Koreans primary used Chinese characters (hanja) in writing which was difficult for Koreans to learn because of the fundamental differences between the Korean and Chinese languages such as the sounds and grammars.

King Sejong, the fourth king of the Joseon dynasty of Korea, is best known for the creation of Hangul, and it was him who decided to develop the Korean script in the 15th century. The script was completed in 1443, and published in 1446.

Hangul Day was proclaimed as a national holiday in South Korea in 1970.

The following is the list of Hangul Day in South Korea from 2021 to 2025.

Hangul DayOct 09, 2021Saturday
Hangul DayOct 09, 2022Sunday
Hangul DayOct 09, 2023Monday
Hangul DayOct 09, 2024Wednesday
Hangul DayOct 09, 2025Thursday

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