Seollal, also known as Korean New Year, is a public holiday in both South Korea and North Korea, and it is observed on the first day of the Korean calendar, which is a lunisolar calendar, a calendar mainly derived from the Chinese calendar.

Seollal is one of the most important traditional Korean holidays, and it is a great time for family union. Similar to Chinese New Year traditions, during the festival, people will visit families, perform ancestral rites and eat traditional food.

Koreans officially adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1896, but some traditional holidays like Seollal are still based on the Korean calendar. Seollal generally occurs in January or February of the Gregorian calendar, and the celebration usually lasts three days: the day before Seollal, Seollal, and the day after Seollal.

The following is the list of Seollal in South Korea from 2022 to 2026.

SeollalFeb 01, 2022Tuesday
SeollalJan 22, 2023Sunday
SeollalFeb 10, 2024Saturday
SeollalJan 29, 2025Wednesday
SeollalFeb 17, 2026Tuesday

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