William Tubman's Birthday (Liberia)

William Tubman's Birthday is a public holiday in Liberia, and it is observed on November 29 each year. The holiday commemorates the birthday of William Tubman, the 19th President of Liberia.

William Tubman was born on November 29, 1895. He attended school in Harper, the capital of Maryland County in Liberia. He started his career as a recorder in a court and changed several other jobs after. In 1923, he joined the True Whig Party (TWP) and was elected to the Senate of Liberia County when he was 28.

In 1943, he was elected president and inaugurated on January 3, 1944. He served as the President of Liberia for 27 years until July 1971. He died on July 23, 1971.

Tubman is regarded as the father of modern Liberia. During his tenure, he made much economic growth by attracting foreign investment. He also led the policy of national unification, which reduced the social and political tension between the Americo-Liberian elite and the native tribes.

The following is the list of William Tubman's Birthday in Liberia from 2022 to 2026.

William Tubman's BirthdayNov 29, 2022Tuesday
William Tubman's BirthdayNov 29, 2023Wednesday
William Tubman's BirthdayNov 29, 2024Friday
William Tubman's BirthdayNov 29, 2025Saturday
William Tubman's BirthdayNov 29, 2026Sunday

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