Fast and Prayer Day (Liberia)

Fast and Prayer Day is a public holiday in Liberia, and it is observed on the second Friday of April each year.

Fast and Prayer Day is a Christian holiday that was established in 1883 with the Act of the National Legislature. The holiday is a day of prayer and fasting, and people hope their devotion to the Almighty God will bring safety and peace to the country.

In Liberia, about 85% of the population are Christians. Although Fast and Prayer Day is a holiday of Christian origin, nowadays, people with all religious preferences can participate the fasting and prayer.

The following is the list of Fast and Prayer Day in Liberia from 2022 to 2026.

Fast and Prayer DayApr 08, 2022Friday
Fast and Prayer DayApr 14, 2023Friday
Fast and Prayer DayApr 12, 2024Friday
Fast and Prayer DayApr 11, 2025Friday
Fast and Prayer DayApr 10, 2026Friday

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