Day of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Day of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is a public holiday in Georgia, and it is observed on October 14 each year.

The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is an Orthodox Christian cathedral located in the historic town of Mtskheta, Georgia. It is also known as the Cathedral of the Living Pillar, and it is one of the most venerated places of worship in Georgia.

The original church was built in the 4th century with the order of St. Nino, although the current building was completed in the early 11th century. The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is known as the burial site of the claimed Christ's mantle.

According to the Georgian legend, a Georgian Jew named Elias was in Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified in the 1st century, and he bought Jesus' robe from a Roman soldier and brought it back to Georgia. His sister Sidonia immediately died from the emotions upon touching the robe, and the robe cannot be removed from her grasp. She was buried with the robe in the location of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.

The following is the list of Day of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Georgia from 2022 to 2026.

Day of Svetitskhoveli CathedralOct 14, 2022Friday
Day of Svetitskhoveli CathedralOct 14, 2023Saturday
Day of Svetitskhoveli CathedralOct 14, 2024Monday
Day of Svetitskhoveli CathedralOct 14, 2025Tuesday
Day of Svetitskhoveli CathedralOct 14, 2026Wednesday

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