Here is the list of 24 Excel Ribbon Shortcuts, please see below for details:

What to doShortcuts
Open the dropdown menuAlt + ↓
Go to Data tabAlt + A
Open the File pageAlt + F
Go to the Home tabAlt + H
Go to Formula tabAlt + M
Go to Insert tabAlt + N
Go to Page Layout tabAlt + P
Open the "Tell me" boxAlt + Q
Open the Review tabAlt + R
Open the View tabAlt + W
Save AsAlt + F2
Center align cell contentsAlt + H, A, C
Add bordersAlt + H, B
Delete columnAlt + H, D, C
Choose a fill colorAlt + H, H
Save the workbookAlt + Shift + F2
Display or hide the ribbonCtrl + F1
Display "Print" windowCtrl + F2
Display "File Open" dialog boxCtrl + F12
Display "Print" windowCtrl + P
Display "Print" windowCtrl + Shift + F12
Clear the content of the active cellBackspace
Select active Ribbon tabAlt
Select active Ribbon tabF10