Remembrance Day (Croatia)

Remembrance Day is a public holiday in Croatia, and it is observed on November 18 each year.

Remembrance Day commemorates the anniversary of the fall of Vukovar on November 18, 1991. The Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) attacked Croatian-held territory in eastern Slavonia, including the city of Vukovar, in August 1991.

Vukovar was defended by 1,800 lightly armed Croatian soldiers, while the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) is armed with 36,000 soldiers, heavy armor, and artillery. The Battle of Vukovar lasted 87 days, and the city was destroyed when Vukovar fell on November 18, 1991.

The battle became a turning point in the Croatian war, and a ceasefire was declared weeks after.

The following is the list of Remembrance Day in Croatia from 2022 to 2026.

Remembrance DayNov 18, 2022Friday
Remembrance DayNov 18, 2023Saturday
Remembrance DayNov 18, 2024Monday
Remembrance DayNov 18, 2025Tuesday
Remembrance DayNov 18, 2026Wednesday

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