National Uprising Day (Slovakia)

National Uprising Day is a public holiday in Slovakia, and it is observed on AugustĀ 29 each year.

National Uprising Day commemorates the anniversary of the armed uprising launched on August 29, 1944 to resist German troops during World War II.

Czechoslovakia declared the independence when the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed at the end of Word War I in 1918. In 1938, it was occupied by Nazi Germany through the Munich Pact. The uprising was organized by the Slovak resistance movement aiming to resist Nazi German and to overthrow the government of theĀ Slovak Republic, the client state of Nazi Germany.

The uprising was largely defeated by German forces but the guerrilla operations continued until Slovakia was liberated in 1945.

The following is the list of National Uprising Day in Slovakia from 2021 to 2025.

National Uprising DayAug 29, 2021Sunday
National Uprising DayAug 29, 2022Monday
National Uprising DayAug 29, 2023Tuesday
National Uprising DayAug 29, 2024Thursday
National Uprising DayAug 29, 2025Friday

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