Näfelser Fahrt

Näfelser Fahrt, also known as Battle of Näfels, is a regional holiday in the Swiss canton of Glarus and it is observed on the first Thursday in April each year.

Näfelser Fahrt commemorates the Battle of Näfels, which is the battle between Glarus with its allies the Old Swiss Confederation and the Habsburgs on April 9, 1388. Glarius Swiss defeat Habsburg army.

The following is the list of Näfelser Fahrt from 2021 to 2025.

Näfelser FahrtApr 01, 2021Thursday
Näfelser FahrtApr 07, 2022Thursday
Näfelser FahrtApr 06, 2023Thursday
Näfelser FahrtApr 04, 2024Thursday
Näfelser FahrtApr 03, 2025Thursday

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