Berchtold's Day

Berchtold's Day is a public holiday in a number of cantons, Switzerland and it is observed on January 2 each year.

Berchtold's Day is celebrated the day after New Year's Day, and it is a public holiday in the 14 cantons of Aargau, Bern, Fribourg, Glarus, Jura, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Obwalden, Schaffhausen, Solothurn, Thurgau, Vaud, Zug, and Zurich.

The origin of the holiday's name is uncertain, but many people believe it is associated with Berchtold V, Duke of Zähringen. According to the legend, he founded the city of Bern in 1191 and named the first animal he met and killed during his hunting trip.

The following is the list of Berchtold's Day from 2022 to 2026.

Berchtold's DayJan 02, 2022Sunday
Berchtold's DayJan 02, 2023Monday
Berchtold's DayJan 02, 2024Tuesday
Berchtold's DayJan 02, 2025Thursday
Berchtold's DayJan 02, 2026Friday

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