Martyrdom of Fatimah

Martyrdom of Fatimah is a public holiday in Iran, and it falls on the 3rd day of the Islamic month Jumada al-Thani.

Martyrdom of Fatimah commemorates the martyrdom of Fatimah bint Muhammad, who was the the daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his first wife Khadijah. Fatimah was their only child who lived to adulthood.

Fatimah was respected in the Muslim community, and Muslims regard Fatimah as a loving and devoted daughter, and an exemplar for women. Fatimah is one of the most poplar names for girls in the Muslim community.

Fatimah died on 3 Jumada al-Thani 632 AD, several months after the death of Muhammad.

The following is the list of Martyrdom of Fatimah from 2021 to 2025.

Martyrdom of FatimahJan 17, 2021Sunday
Martyrdom of FatimahJan 07, 2022Friday
Martyrdom of FatimahDec 16, 2023Saturday
Martyrdom of FatimahDec 05, 2024Thursday
Martyrdom of FatimahNov 24, 2025Monday

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