How to Count Cells with Values Greater than

The COUNTIF function is to help you get the count of cells that are greater than a particular value.


= COUNTIF(Range, ">Number")


– The range is required, the range of cells you want to count;

– ">Number" is required, which is the base number.


The COUNTIF function can count the range of cells with a single criterion. When there are 2 or more criteria, please refer to the COUNTIFS function.

Example: To count how many persons' salary are over $70,256

Salary numbers are in column C, so to count the cells with values greater than "70256" in column C.

– Range: column C (C2:C8)

– ">Number" (criteria): cells with a value greater than 70256

= COUNTIF(C2:C8, ">70256") There are 4 persons having the salary over $70,256.

Count Cells Greater than

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