How to Count Text Cells with a Number of Characters

To count the number of text cells with a number of characters, you can use the COUNTIF function with the wild card of the question mark (?), where the question mark represents one character.

Example: You are working on a database with the city name in column A, the region in column B, and the temperature in column C.

Formula: How many cells that are text with 4 characters in the range A2:C12?


The question mark (?) is used in the formula to represent one character, and there are 6 cells that are text with 4 characters.

Please note that the formula will count cells with only spaces as text cells.

Notes: The COUNTIF Function


=COUNTIF(Range, "????")


– The range is required, which will be the range of cells that you want to count;
– The question mark (?) is required, and it represents one character.

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