How to Count Cells that are Zeros

The COUNTIF function counts the number of cells that meet one criterion, such as the cells with a text string, the cells with a certain value, etc. The following formula is to help you get the count of cells that are zero.

Example: You are working with a worksheet with cities in column A, temperature (C) in column B, and temperature (F) in column C.

Formula 1: How many cities' temperatures are zero in Celsius?

= COUNTIF(B2:B12, "=0")

The result returns 0, so no city's temperature is zero degrees in Celsius.

Formula 2: How many cities' temperatures are zero in Fahrenheit?

= COUNTIF(C2:C12, "=0")

The result returns 2, so two cities' temperatures are zero degrees in Fahrenheit.

Notes: The COUNTIF function


= COUNTIF(Range, "=0")


– The range is required, the cells you want to count.

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