How to Count Cells that are Text

To count the number of cells that are not the text, please refer to here. To count the number of TEXT cells, you can use the COUNTIF function with wild card Asterisk (*).

Example: You are working on a database with the first name in column A, the last name in column B, and the salaries in column C.

Formula: To count how many cells that are text in column A.

= Countif(A2:A8, "*")

The asterisk (*) is used in the formula to represent the text. The five cells in column A are text (in yellow).

Please note that the formula will not count numbers and blank cells, and the cells only with spaces will be counted as text cells.

Notes: The COUNTIF Function


=COUNTIF(Range, "*")


– The range is required, which will be the range of cells that you want to count;
– Asterisk (*) is required. Asterisk (*) is the wild card for text.

Practice: Count Cells with Text

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