How to Count Cells that Contain Numbers

You can use the COUNT function to count the number of cells with numbers. The COUNT function gets the count of numbers in a range.

Example: You are working with a worksheet with the first names in the first column, the last names in the second column, and the salary in the third column.

Formula 1: To count how many persons in South Region with salary


The result returns 3, so there are three people in South Region.

Example 2: To count how many persons in all regions with salary

To count the number of cells that data are not adjacent to, select the first data range, holding the "Ctrl" key, and then select the other data range.

=Count(C3:C5, C7:C10)

The result returns 7, so there are seven people in all Regions.

Note: The COUNT Function


= Count(value 1, value 2…)


– Value 1 is required, which can be the adjacent numbers in a row, a column, or a data range;
– Value 2 is optional.

Download Count Function

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