Holidays in Russia 2025

There are 13 public holidays in Russia in 2025, four of which fall on weekends.

New Year's Day
New Year Holiday is the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar, and it is one of the most popular holidays in the world. The holiday has six days from January 1 to January 6, 2025.

Orthodox Christmas Day
Orthodox Christmas Day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Christmas Day is a holiday of sharing. People exchange Christmas gifts and cards with families and friends. It is celebrated on January 6 and January 7, 2025.

Defender of the Fatherland Day
Defender of Fatherland Day is a public holiday in Russia on February 23, 2025. The holiday celebrates those who are and were serving in the armed forces defending the peace of Russia.

International Women's Day
The holiday is one of the most important days to recognize women's achievements and raise awareness about women's equality. It is observed on March 8, 2025.

Labour Day
Labour Day is observed on May 1, 2025, and it celebrates the achievements of workers. The holiday originates in the eight-hour day movement, which is eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

Victory Day
Victory Day is observed on May 9, 2025, and commemorates the anniversary of the German Instrument of Surrender's signing. It was a legal document that effected the extinction of Nazi Germany and ended World War II in Europe.

Russia Day
Russia Day is the national holiday of the Russian Federation, celebrated on June 12, 2025. The day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) on June 12, 1990.

Unity Day
Unity Day is a public holiday in Russia on November 4, 2025. The holiday commemorates Russia's defeat in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth invasion in 1612. In 1610, the commonwealth invaded Russia and took Moscow.

The following is the list of public holidays in Russia 2025.

New Year's DayJan 01, 2025WednesdayPublic Holiday
New Year HolidayJan 02, 2025ThursdayPublic Holiday
New Year HolidayJan 03, 2025FridayPublic Holiday
New Year HolidayJan 04, 2025SaturdayPublic Holiday
New Year HolidayJan 05, 2025SundayPublic Holiday
New Year HolidayJan 06, 2025MondayPublic Holiday
Orthodox Christmas DayJan 07, 2025TuesdayPublic Holiday
Orthodox Christmas Day HolidayJan 08, 2025WednesdayPublic Holiday
Defender of the Fatherland DayFeb 23, 2025SundayPublic Holiday
International Women's DayMar 08, 2025SaturdayPublic Holiday
Labour DayMay 01, 2025ThursdayPublic Holiday
Victory DayMay 09, 2025FridayPublic Holiday
Russia DayJun 12, 2025ThursdayPublic Holiday
Unity DayNov 04, 2025TuesdayPublic Holiday

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