Unity Day (Russia)

Unity Day is a public holiday in Russia, and it is observed on November 4 each year. The holiday commemorates Russia's defeat in the invasion of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1612. In 1610, the commonwealth invaded Russia and took Moscow.

Kuzma Minin, a Russian merchant, along with Prince Dmitry Pozharsky formed an army in 1611 and launched an uprising against the Polish-Lithuanian occupation. The uprising led to the establishment of the Romanov dynasty, which lasted over 304 years from 1613 to 1917 until the February Revolution.

The following is the list of Unity Day in Russia from 2022 to 2026.

Unity DayNov 04, 2022Friday
Unity DayNov 04, 2023Saturday
Unity DayNov 04, 2024Monday
Unity DayNov 04, 2025Tuesday
Unity DayNov 04, 2026Wednesday

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