Emancipation Day (Barbados)

Emancipation Day is a public holiday in Barbados, and it is observed on August 1 each year. However, it will move to August 2 if August 1 is Monday because Kadooment Day falls on the first Monday in August.

Emancipation Day commemorates when the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 came into force, and slavery was abolished in Barbados on August 1, 1834.

Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean region of North America. The British occupied the island in 1625, and it later became a British colony. The British settlers started to come in 1627 and operated on the plantation economy, relying on enslaved Africans. The harsh conditions endured by the slaves often resulted in rebellions.

The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 received Royal Assent and took effect in 1834. As one of the British colonies, slavery was abolished in Barbados in 1834. However, only children under six years of age were deemed to be free, all other slaves were required to serve an apprenticeship period without pay as compensation to their owners. On August 1, 1838, the apprenticeship system finally ended, and full emancipation was given to the slaves.

The following is the list of Emancipation Day in Barbados from 2022 to 2026.

Emancipation DayAug 02, 2022Tuesday
Emancipation DayAug 01, 2023Tuesday
Emancipation DayAug 01, 2024Thursday
Emancipation DayAug 01, 2025Friday
Emancipation DayAug 01, 2026Saturday

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