How to Create a Project on Google Cloud Platform

There are a couple of steps to be able to run a website on Google Cloud Platform, and the first step is to create a project.

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Part I: Personal Information

Step 1: Click the link "" to launch Google cloud platform front page, and click "Get Started for free" on the top-right corner;

Step 2: The next step is to sign in your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, please refer to how to create a Gmail account;

Step 3: You will need to select the country you live in now;

Step 4: You will also need to select your account type and fill out your address. Please select "Individual" if this is your personal website;

Step 5: To fill out your payment method for future costs. You can pay by credit card, or debit card. Click "START MY FREE TRIAL" at the bottom when you finish;

Google Cloud Platform now has $300 credit for free to use over the next 12 months.

Part II: Create a New Project

Step 6: When you finish all the above steps, you will have your first project named "My first project" automatically. You can either create another new project or to change the name of this project.

To create a new project, click "My first project" on top of the page;

Step 7: Click "NEW PROJECT' in the new window;

Step 8: Type the project name in the "Project name" box, and click the "CREATE" button at the bottom. Your new project will be ready in about 30 seconds.

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