Concord Day (Niger)

Concord Day is a public holiday in Niger, and it is observed on April 24 each year. The holiday commemorates the anniversary when the Peace Accord was signed between the Government of Niger and the Tuareg rebel groups.

Tuareg people live in many Saharan countries, and the severe famine in 1984-1985 forced them to change the traditional migration routes. However, that increased the conflicts with other groups.

The famine, economic crisis, and the government's weakness finally led to Tuareg's rebels in 1990. After a series of negotiations, on April 24, 1995, the government reached peace accords with most Tuareg groups, although sporadic attacks continued until 1999. The peace accords marked the end of most fighting.

The following is the list of Concord Day in Niger from 2022 to 2026.

Concord DayApr 24, 2022Sunday
Concord DayApr 24, 2023Monday
Concord DayApr 24, 2024Wednesday
Concord DayApr 24, 2025Thursday
Concord DayApr 24, 2026Friday

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