Bermuda Day

Bermuda Day is a public holiday in Bermuda, and it is observed on the last Friday in May.

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. It was first discovered by Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez in the early 1500s, and the British people started to settle on the island in 1609.

Bermuda Day is widely considered the start of the summer on the island of Bermuda. Traditionally, the residents will start to go into the sea on this day, and nowadays many people keep the tradition and consider it as the first day they can go out on the water. As the first day of summer, It is also the first day on which Bermuda shorts are worn as business attire.

Other than the celebrations on the beach, the parade is held in Hamilton, Bermuda, and many races including the Half-Marathon will take place on Bermuda Day.

The following is the list of Bermuda Day in Bermuda from 2022 to 2026.

Bermuda DayMay 27, 2022Friday
Bermuda DayMay 26, 2023Friday
Bermuda DayMay 31, 2024Friday
Bermuda DayMay 30, 2025Friday
Bermuda DayMay 29, 2026Friday

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