Below is the list of 32 Data and Function Shortcuts:

What to doShortcuts
AutoSum the numbersAlt =
Create an embedded chartAlt F1
Open Macro dialog boxAlt F8
Open the Microsoft Visual Basic for ApplicationsAlt F11
Define a name to use in referencesAlt M, M, D
Display the menu for Error CheckingAlt Shift F10
Display "Insert" dialog boxCtrl +
Select the current data or entire worksheetCtrl A
Copy topmost cell into the cells belowCtrl D
Recognize patterns and Flash Fill columnsCtrl E
Display "Go to" dialog boxCtrl G
Calculate worksheets in all open workbooksCtrl Alt F9
Check formulas and calculate all cellsCtrl Alt Shift F9
Move to the last cell in useCtrl End
Display "Name Manager" dislog boxCtrl F3
Inset a new Macro sheetCtrl F11
Copy the value from the cell aboveCtrl Shift "
Select the current data rangeCtrl Shift *
Insert argument names and parenthesesCtrl Shift A
Extend selection to the last used cellCtrl Shift End
Create name using row and column labelsCtrl Shift F3
Expand or collapse the formula barCtrl Shift U
Display "Insert Function" dialog boxShift F3
Calculate the active worksheetShift F9
Remove cell contentsDelete
Turn "End" mode on or offEnd
Complete an entry and select the cell belowEnter
Cancel an entry in the cell or Formula BarEsc
Create a chart in a separate sheetF11
Move cursor to the end of contentsF2
Display "Paste Name" dialog boxF3
Calculate all open workbooks (manual model)F9