Summer Day (Albania)

Summer Day is a public holiday in Albania, and it is observed on March 14 of the Gregorian calendar, which is March 1 of the Julian calendar.

Summer Day is the first day of the new year according to the traditional Albanian calendar, marking the start of the summer season and the end of the winter season. During the Summer Day, people will light bonfires in the yards and use them as a way to drive away from the darkness of the winter season.

Like the new year in many other cultures, Summer Day is a time for families to spend time together and congratulate each other on long and happy lives. People will bake traditional cookies, ballokume, which was made with Albanian corn.

The following is the list of Summer Day in Albania from 2022 to 2026.

Summer DayMar 14, 2022Monday
Summer DayMar 14, 2023Tuesday
Summer DayMar 14, 2024Thursday
Summer DayMar 14, 2025Friday
Summer DayMar 14, 2026Saturday

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