Sultan's Birthday in Malaysia in 2025

There are 13 states and 3 federal territories In Malaysia.

Seven states (Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Pahang, Perak, Selangor, and Terengganu) are led by hereditary rulers of sultans, Negeri Sembilan is led by Yang di-Pertuan Besar and Perlis has a raja. Four other states (Melaka, Penang, Sarawak, and Sabah) are led by governors.

Sultans, raja and Yang di-Pertuan Besar in the 9 states are hereditary rulers, while governors in the 4 states are appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia with a renewable four-year term, however, most of them are reappointed after their first terms.

All the 13 states celebrate rulers' birthdays, while federal territories celebrate Federal Territory Day.

The following is the list of Sultan's or Governor's Birthday in 2025.

Agong's BirthdayNationalElectedJun 02, 2025
Sultan of Johor's BirthdayJohorHereditaryMar 23, 2025
Sultan of Kedah's BirthdayKedahHereditaryJun 15, 2025
Sultan of Kelantan's BirthdayKelantanHereditaryNov 11, 2025
Nov 12, 2025
Sultan of Pahang's BirthdayPahangHereditaryJul 30, 2025
Sultan of Perak's BirthdayPerakHereditaryNov 07, 2025
Sultan of Selangor's BirthdaySelangorHereditaryDec 11, 2025
Sultan of Terengganu's BirthdayTerengganuHereditaryApr 26, 2025
Yang di-Pertuan Besar (YDPB)
of Negeri Sembilan's Birthday
HereditaryJan 14, 2025
Raja Perlis' BirthdayRaja PerlisHereditaryJul 17, 2025
Melaka Governor's BirthdayMelakaAppointedAug 24, 2025
Penang Governor's BirthdayPenangAppointedJul 12, 2025
Sabah Governor's BirthdaySabahAppointedOct 04, 2025
Sarawak Governor's BirthdaySarawakAppointedOct 11, 2025
Federal Territory DayKuala Lumpur
NAFeb 01, 2025

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