Saint Devota's Day

Saint Devota's Day is a public holiday in Monaco, and it is observed on January 27 each year. The holiday is in honor of the patron saint of Monaco, Saint Devota.

Saint Devota was born in Mariana, Corsica around 283 AD, and decided to devote herself to God when she was young. However, she was imprisoned and tortured because of her faith and was martyred by being stoned to death in 303 AD.

The governor ordered his soldiers to burn her body after her death, but it was saved by Christians and was placed on a boat to Africa. When a storm threatened the boat, a dove appeared and guided the boat to today's Monaco. A chapel was built on her grave, and it became the parish church in 1887.

The following is the list of Saint Devota's Day in Monaco from 2022 to 2026.

Saint Devota's DayJan 27, 2022Thursday
Saint Devota's DayJan 27, 2023Friday
Saint Devota's DayJan 27, 2024Saturday
Saint Devota's DayJan 27, 2025Monday
Saint Devota's DayJan 27, 2026Tuesday

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