Republic Day (Neuchâtel)

Republic Day is a regional holiday in the Swiss canton Neuchâtel and it is observed on March 1 each year.

Republic Day commemorates the 1848 revolution that made Neuchâtel a republic. In 1815, King Frederick William III of Prussia agreed Neuchâtel to join the Swizz Confederation, which made Neuchâtel the sole canton in Switzerland with a king as head of state. 

In 1848, a peaceful revolution changed the situation, however, Frederick IV William still claimed Neuchâtel till 1857 when Prussia finally yielded its claim to Neuchâtel.

The following is the list of Republic Day in Neuchâtel from 2021 to 2025.

Republic DayMar 01, 2021Monday
Republic DayMar 01, 2022Tuesday
Republic DayMar 01, 2023Wednesday
Republic DayMar 01, 2024Friday
Republic DayMar 01, 2025Saturday

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