Republic Day (Chad)

Republic Day is a public holiday in Chad, and it is observed on November 28 each year. The holiday commemorates the anniversary when Chad became the autonomous member of the French Community on this day in 1958.

Chad is a a landlocked country in north-central Africa. Following the Scramble of Africa in 1880s, the French first invaded Chad in 1891. By 1920, the French made the territory a colony and incorporated it in the Federal of French Equatorial Africa. However, France only managed the south effectively and did not administrate the desert zone in the north effectively.

Following the collapse of the French Fourth Republic, a referendum on territorial autonomy was held on September 28, 1958 in the French Equatorial Africa. People favored autonomy, and as a result, the four constituent states (Gabon, Congo, the Central African Republic, and Chad) became autonomous members of the French Community on November 28, 1958.

Two years later, Chad gained its full independence from France on August 11, 1960.

The following is the list of Republic Day in Chad from 2021 to 2025.

Republic DayNov 28, 2021Sunday
Republic DayNov 28, 2022Monday
Republic DayNov 28, 2023Tuesday
Republic DayNov 28, 2024Thursday
Republic DayNov 28, 2025Friday

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