Manu'a Cession Day (American Samoa)

Manu'a Cession Day is a public holiday in American Samoa, observed on July 16. The holiday commemorates the anniversary when Tui Manuʻa Elisala and the United States signed the Treaty of Cession of Manu'a on July 16, 1904 to cede the Manuʻa Islands to the United States.

The Manuʻa Islands consist of three main islands, and the sovereign of Manuʻa was traditionally called Tui Manuʻa. Tui Manuʻa Elisala was the last titleholder.

Europeans first arrived on the Samoan Islands in the early 18th century, divided by three countries: Great Britain, Germany, and the United States during the Tripartite Convention in 1899. As a result, the United States took control over the eastern islands, which include Tutuila and the Manuʻa Group.

Tutuila's leaders agreed to this arrangement in 1901. Manu'a was eventually forced to accept the US rule, formalized by the Treaty of Cession of Manu'a, also known as the Deed of Cession of Manuʻa, on July 16, 1904.

The following is the list of Manu'a Cession Day in American Samoa from 2022 to 2026.

Holiday Date Weekday
Manu'a Cession Day Jul 15, 2022 Friday
Jul 16, 2022 Saturday
Manu'a Cession Day Jul 16, 2023 Sunday
Jul 17, 2023 Monday
Manu'a Cession Day Jul 16, 2024 Tuesday
Manu'a Cession Day Jul 16, 2025 Wednesday
Manu'a Cession Day Jul 16, 2026 Thursday

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