Independence Day (Antigua and Barbuda)

Independence Day is a public holiday in Antigua and Barbuda, and it is observed on November 1 each year. The holiday commemorates the anniversary when Antigua and Barbuda achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1981.

Antigua and Barbuda is an island country in the West Indies in the Americas with two major islands Antigua and Barbuda, and smaller islands. Indigenous people inhabited the island for thousands of years before Christopher Columbus first sighted the island in 1493. The British settled on Antigua in 1632, and Barbuda in 1685. They developed Tobacco and Sugar plantations on the islands worked by slaves from Western Africa.

Although there was an attempted attack from France in 1666 and the slave revolts in the 1700s, the British managed to maintain control of the islands.

In 1958, Antigua and Barbuda joined the West Indies Federation, which was collapsed in 1962. In 1967, Antigua and Barbuda became an associated state of the United Kingdom and was granted control of internal affairs. Antigua and Barbuda gained full independence from the United Kingdom on November 1, 1981.

The following is the list of Independence Day in Antigua and Barbuda from 2022 to 2026.

Independence DayNov 01, 2022Tuesday
Independence DayNov 01, 2023Wednesday
Independence DayNov 01, 2024Friday
Independence DayNov 01, 2025Saturday
Independence DayNov 01, 2026Sunday

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