How to Enter Text Content

Other than numeric data, Excel can also hold data that are in Text format such as Employee Name, and Home Address, etc.

– How to Enter a Number
– How to Enter a Fraction
– How to Enter a Date
– How to Enter a Time

Note: when a cell contains data or information that includes both numbers and text, the information in this cell will be considered as the text data.

1. Enter Text

Text data by default is left aligned. To enter text data:

Step 1. Select a Cell (e.g., A1);

Step 2. Type in the text (e.g., Excelnotes);

Step 3. Press "Enter" to change to the cell below to have a new entry.

2. Text is too long

When the text is too long, and no content in the cell on the right, the text will cross to the next cell.

When there is contents in the next cell, only part of the text will display. To avoid this, you can wrap text or break the text into different lines using shortcut "Alt+Enter".

3. How to Repeat the Last Letter

To repeat the last letter, please custom the formatting

Step 1: Select a cell and enter the text "Excelnotes";

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is excelentertextdata02.jpg

Step 2: Right-click the cell and select "Format Cells" from the drop-down list;

Step 3: Click "Custom" from the navigation bar, and type "@*s" if you want to repeat "s";

Step 4: You will see the last letter "s" is repeated, and when you make the column wider, the repeated letter will auto-fill the space.

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