How to Enter a Time

Time format in Excel by default is "HH:MM:SS", but they can be formatted into different styles.

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1. To Enter a Time

For example, to enter a time of "4:20:15":

Step 1: Select a cell and type the hour "4" from the keyboard

Step 2: Type the time separator: ":" (colon)

Step 3: Enter the minute by type "20"

Step 4: Type another colon separator

Step 5: Enter Second (e.g., 15)

Step 6: You can format to a different style, please check how to format time into different styles.

The time format in the formula bar will not changed even you changed to a different format in the cell.

2. To Enter Current Time

To enter current time, you can use:

– Excel function of "=NOW()", or

– Excel shortcut of "Ctrl+Shift+:" (colon).

"=NOW()" will have us the time with today's date while the shortcut will have us only the time.

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