Public Holidays in Kazakhstan in 2020

2020 | 2021

There are 14 public holidays in Kazakhstan in 2020, 5 of them fall on weekends.

The following is the list of public holidays in Kazakhstan in 2020.

New Year's DayJan 01, 2020WednesdayPublic Holiday
New Year HolidayJan 02, 2020ThursdayPublic Holiday
Public HolidayJan 03, 2020FridayJan 5 to work
International Women's DayMar 08, 2020SundayPublic Holiday
International Women's Day HolidayMar 09, 2020MondayObserved
NauryzMar 21, 2020SaturdayPublic Holiday
Nauryz HolidayMar 22, 2020SundayPublic Holiday
Nauryz HolidayMar 23, 2020MondayPublic Holiday
Nauryz HolidayMar 24, 2020TuesdayObserved
Nauryz HolidayMar 25, 2020WednesdayObserved
Kazakhstan's People
Solidarity Holiday
May 01, 2020FridayPublic Holiday
Defender's DayMay 07, 2020ThursdayPublic Holiday
Public HolidayMay 08, 2020FridayMay 11 to work
Victory DayMay 09, 2020SaturdayPublic Holiday
Capital DayJul 06, 2020MondayPublic Holiday
Constitution DayAug 30, 2020SundayPublic Holiday
Constitution Day HolidayAug 31, 2020MondayObserved
First President DayDec 01, 2020TuesdayPublic Holiday
Independence DayDec 16, 2020WednesdayPublic Holiday
Independence Day HolidayDec 17, 2020ThursdayPublic Holiday
Public HolidayDec 18, 2020FridayDec 20 to work

Please also check working days in Kazakhstan in 2020.

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