Holidays in Mayotte 2025

There are 12 public holidays in Mayotte in 2025, two of which fall on weekends.

New Year's Day
New Year Holiday, celebrated on January 1, 2025, is the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar, and it is one of the most popular holidays in the world.

Easter Monday
Easter Monday is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and it is the Monday after Easter Sunday. It is observed on April 21, 2025.

Abolition Day
Abolition Day is a public holiday in Mayotte, observed on April 27, 2025. The holiday commemorates the anniversary of slavery being abolished in Mayotte in 1847.

Labour Day
Labour Day is observed on May 1, 2025, and it celebrates the achievements of workers. The holiday originates in the eight-hour day movement, which is eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

Victory Day
Victory Day is observed on May 8, 2025, and commemorates the anniversary of the German Instrument of Surrender's signing. It was a legal document that effected the extinction of Nazi Germany and ended World War II in Europe.

Ascension Day
Also known as the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ, Ascension Day commemorates the Christian belief in the bodily Ascension of Jesus into heaven. It falls on May 29, 2025.

Whit Monday
Whit Monday, or Pentecost Monday, is a religious festival Christians celebrate. It falls on the day after Pentecost, the 50th day after Easter Sunday. In 2025, the holiday falls on June 9.

National Day
National Day, observed on July 14, 2025, celebrates the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille. The Bastille was a fortress and prison in Paris representing the royal authority. It was first built in the 14th century and used as a state prison by the King of France. Many political prisoners were held there. The revolutionaries considered the Bastille a symbol of the monarchy's abuse of power.

Assumption Day
Assumption Day commemorates the day that the bodily taking up of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, into Heaven. The holiday is observed on August 15, 2025.

All Saints' Day
All Saints' Day is observed on November 1, 2025, and commemorates all the saints from Christian history, including those known and unknown.

Armistice Day
Armistice Day commemorates the armistice agreement signed between the Allies and Germany at Compi├Ęgne, France, which took effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. It falls on November 11, 2025. The holiday is celebrated with different names in other countries, such as Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the United States.

Christmas Day
Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25, 2025, and commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Christmas Day is a holiday of sharing. People exchange Christmas gifts and cards with families and friends.

The following is the list of public holidays in Mayotte 2025.

New Year's DayJan 01, 2025WednesdayPublic Holiday
Prophet's AscensionJan 27, 2025MondayMuslim Holiday
Eid al-FitrMar 30, 2025SundayMuslim Holiday
Easter MondayApr 21, 2025MondayPublic Holiday
Abolition DayApr 27, 2025SundayPublic Holiday
Labour DayMay 01, 2025ThursdayPublic Holiday
Victory DayMay 08, 2025ThursdayPublic Holiday
Ascension DayMay 29, 2025ThursdayPublic Holiday
Eid al-AdhaJun 06, 2025FridayMuslim Holiday
Whit MondayJun 09, 2025MondayPublic Holiday
National DayJul 14, 2025MondayPublic Holiday
Assumption DayAug 15, 2025FridayPublic Holiday
The Prophet's BirthdaySep 05, 2025FridayMuslim Holiday
All Saints' DayNov 01, 2025SaturdayPublic Holiday
Armistice DayNov 11, 2025TuesdayPublic Holiday
Christmas DayDec 25, 2025ThursdayPublic Holiday

Please also check the working days in Mayotte in 2025.

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