Flag Day (Argentina)

Flag Day is a public holiday in Argentina, and it is celebrated on June 20 each year. The holiday commemorates the anniversary of the death of the Argentine flag's creator Manuel Belgrano, who was a military leader during the Argentine War of Independence.

He was born on June 3, 1770 in a wealthy family in Buenos Aires, and died on June 20, 1820. In 1812, Belgrano was appointed the commander of an army defending the Spanish invasion, and designed a banner for the troops which later became the national flag. In 1816, Belgrano took part in the Congress of Tucumán, which declared the independence of Argentina.

Belgrano is considered as one of the founders of the Argentine Republic. In 1938, Flag Day was created by president Roberto Ortiz.

The following is the list of Flag Day in Argentina from 2022 to 2026.

Flag DayJun 20, 2022Monday
Flag DayJun 20, 2023Tuesday
Flag DayJun 20, 2024Thursday
Flag DayJun 20, 2025Friday
Flag DayJun 20, 2026Saturday

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