Evacuation Day (Tunisia)

Evacuation Day is a public holiday in Tunisia, and it is observed on October 15 each year.

Evacuation Day commemorates the anniversary when the French troops withdrew from Bizerta in 1963.

Tunisia is the northernmost country inĀ Africa, and the indigenous people inhabited in the area for thousands of years. Over the years, Tunisia was under several different rules such as Roman, the Ottoman Empire and Muslims.

In 1881, the French defeated the Ottoman Empire, and Tunisia became a French Protectorate. After years of armed resistance, Tunisia gained its independence from France on March 20, 1956.

However, France remained the control of Bizerta as its naval base because of its strategic location on the Mediterranean. In 1961, Tunisian forces blockaded the naval base and hoped France to abandon its last holdings in the country. The France took decisive military actions against Tunisia and took control of Bizerta and the twon of Menzel-Bourguiba.

Under the pressure from the UN Security Council and other international organizations, the French military abandoned Bizerte and withdrew its troops on October 15, 1963.

The following is the list of Evacuation Day in Tunisia from 2021 to 2025.

Evacuation DayOct 15, 2021Friday
Evacuation DayOct 15, 2022Saturday
Evacuation DayOct 15, 2023Sunday
Evacuation DayOct 15, 2024Tuesday
Evacuation DayOct 15, 2025Wednesday

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