Colon Day (Panama)

Colon Day is a public holiday in Panama, and it is observed on November 5 each year. Colon Day is connected with the independence from Colombia.

On November 3, 1903, Panama declared independence from Colombia with the help of the United States, however, the Colombian government did not recognize the independence of Panama and ordered the Army to march to Panama City.

On November 5, 1903, the local people in the city of Colon managed to persuade the Colombian Army stationed in Colon not to advance on Panama City. This led to Panama's successful independence from Colombia without military conflicts.

The following is the list of Colon Day in Panama from 2022 to 2026.

Colon DayNov 05, 2022Saturday
Colon DayNov 05, 2023Sunday
Colon DayNov 05, 2024Tuesday
Colon DayNov 05, 2025Wednesday
Colon DayNov 05, 2026Thursday

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