August Thursday (Anguilla)

August Thursday is a public holiday in Anguilla, and it is observed on Thursday after the first Monday in August. The holiday celebrates the abolishment of slavery in Anguilla and it is part of the Anguilla Summer celebrations in August.

The festival takes place cross the island and many celebrations inlcuding parades, music performances and traditional food fairs were held during the festival. The most famous celebration is the Boat Race at Meads Bay Anguilla.

The following is the list of August Thursday in Anguilla from 2022 to 2026.

August ThursdayAug 05, 2022Friday
August ThursdayAug 10, 2023Thursday
August ThursdayAug 08, 2024Thursday
August ThursdayAug 07, 2025Thursday
August ThursdayAug 06, 2026Thursday

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