Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Tiger is the third zodiac of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. According to the tradition, people born in the year of the tiger are courageous and confident. They have strong hearts, and like to attract people's attention. Many have ups and downs in the middle age, but there are often good opportunities after the middle age.

Most women born in the year of tiger are brave, wise, and having strong personality.

  • Lucky number: 1, 3, 4
  • Unlucky number: 7, 6, 8
  • Lucky color: blue, gray, white, orange
  • Unlucky color: gold, silver, brown, black
  • Lucky direction: south, east, southeast
  • Lucky flower: chrysanthemum

Year of Tiger:

The 12 Chinese zodiac signs are assigned according to the Chinese calendar, which is different from the dates in the Gregorian calendar, especially for those were born at the beginning of the year. January in Gregorian calendar is usually November or December in the previous year in Chinese calendar.

People born within the date ranges can be said to have been born in the "Year of the Tiger".

YearStart dateEnd date
1902Feb 08, 1902Jan 28, 1903
1914Jan 26, 1914Feb 10, 1915
1926Feb 13, 1926Feb 01, 1927
1938Jan 31, 1938Feb 18, 1939
1950Feb 17, 1950Feb 05, 1951
1962Feb 05, 1962Jan 24, 1963
1974Jan 23, 1974Feb 10, 1975
1986Feb 09, 1986Jan 28, 1987
1998Jan 28, 1998Feb 15, 1999
2010Feb 14, 2010Feb 02, 2011
2022Feb 01, 2022Jan 21, 2023
2034Feb 19, 2034Feb 07, 2035
2046Feb 06, 2046Jan 25, 2047
2058Jan 24, 2058Feb 11, 2059
2070Feb 11, 2070Jan 30, 2071
2082Jan 29, 2082Feb 16, 2083
2094Feb 15, 2094Feb 04, 2095

Strength for people born in "Year of Tiger":

  • Strong personality, aggressive and like taking risks;
  • Enthusiastic, brave, more adventurous than ordinary people;
  • Express actively and bravely. Do what they want and never regret;
  • Strong will and persisting, never give up if everything is not done;
  • Like challenges, do not like to follow others, instead they want others to follow them.

Weakness for people born in "Year of Tiger":

  • Overconfident and unable to coordinate and communicate with others;
  • Lack of romance, and lack of happy family life;
  • Know many people but hard to make close friends;
  • Opinionated, and to achieve the goals by any means.


People born in the year of tiger are independent, having strong self-esteem, and like to act alone. They like others follow them and consider them as the leader.

When they have troubles or setbacks, they like to start again from scratch until they complete. Women are careful and will think carefully before they do something. They are husband's good helpers in both family and business.

They have a strong sense of justice, and do not like to beat about the bush. They do not like to cooperate with others because of the strong personality. They will criticize the person if they find the person has made mistakes.

They like their work, and have a natural sense of authority, hoping to be in a high position with power.

Love Compatibility

In ancient Asian countries, the zodiac signs are important for young people because parents use the zodiac signs as references for their marriages. They believed some zodiac signs are good for marriage, while some others are not.

People born in the year of tiger are best compatible with those born in the years of horse or dog, and are not compatible with those born in the years of monkey or snake.

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