Chinese Zodiac: Ox

Ox is the second zodiac of the 12 Chinese zodiac. According to the tradition, people born in the year of the ox are honest, hardworking and patient. They do not like talking much and are lacking in communication. As a result, they may not have chances to take the key positions in the working place even they work hard.

Many may leave home at early ages and start a family from nothing. They may have hardships as well as mental troubles in the middle age, but they are blessed when they are getting old.

  • Lucky number: 9, 1
  • Unlucky number: 3, 4
  • Lucky color: blue, red, purple
  • Unlucky color: white, green
  • Lucky direction: southeast, south, north
  • Lucky flower: tulip, ornithogalum, peach blossom

Year of Ox:

The 12 Chinese zodiac signs are assigned according to the Chinese calendar, which is different from the dates in the Gregorian calendar, especially for those were born at the beginning of the year. January in Gregorian calendar is usually November or December in the previous year in Chinese calendar.

People born within the date ranges can be said to have been born in the "Year of the Ox".

YearStart dateEnd date
1901Feb 19, 1901Feb 07, 1902
1913Feb 06, 1913Jan 25, 1914
1925Jan 24, 1925Feb 12, 1926
1937Feb 11, 1937Jan 30, 1938
1949Jan 29, 1949Feb 16, 1950
1961Feb 15, 1961Feb 04, 1962
1973Feb 03, 1973Jan 22, 1974
1985Feb 20, 1985Feb 08, 1986
1997Feb 07, 1997Jan 27, 1998
2009Jan 26, 2009Feb 13, 2010
2021Feb 12, 2021Jan 31, 2022
2033Jan 31, 2033Feb 18, 2034
2045Feb 17, 2045Feb 05, 2046
2057Feb 04, 2057Jan 23, 2058
2069Jan 23, 2069Feb 10, 2070
2081Feb 09, 2081Jan 28, 2083
2093Jan 27, 2093Feb 14, 2094

Strength for people born in "Year of Ox":

  • Work carefully, down-to-earth, slowly but steadily;
  • Not easily affected by others and the environment, and do things according to own ideas and ability;
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit, strong ability to withstand hardship or adversity;
  • Value both work and family, respect traditions, and be conservative;
  • Women are good at dealing with family issues, they also pay great importance on children's education.

Weakness for people born in "Year of Ox":

  • Respect traditions and hardworking, but lack of romance;
  • Do not like listening other people's advices, often hold on own opinions;
  • Do not like talking much, not good at communication;
  • Strong desire for self-expression from the heart, so not great for unknown work;
  • Often having gastrointestinal problems caused by the irregular schedules because of the hardworking.


People born in the year of ox are responsible and diligent, and they are often highly appreciated and trusted by the boss in the workplace. They do not like to speak about their true feelings which make others hard to understand them.

They are creative and pay attention to the reality. However, they do not like to talk much and accept friends' advices, which make people think they are stubborn. They like to focus on working hard but they are lack of romantics.

They do not know how to express love properly even they love others. Because of this, they may lose the chances being promoted even they have the desire being a leader.

Love Compatibility

In ancient Asian countries, the zodiac signs are important for young people because parents use the zodiac signs as references for their marriages. They believed some zodiac signs are good for marriage, while some others are not.

People born in the year of ox are best compatible with those born in the years of rat, snake or rooster, and are not compatible with those born in the years of goat, horse or dog.

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