Chinese Zodiac: Snake

Snake is the sixth zodiac of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. According to the tradition, people born in the year of the snake are calm and composed, having the fighting spirit. They do not normally show off, but move forward quietly according to the plans. They have the sixth sense, super insight, and strong sense of judgment.

They have keen thinking and make prompt decisions. They have strong desires for fortune and are not short of money in life.

  • Lucky number: 2, 8, 9
  • Unlucky number: 7, 1, 6
  • Lucky color: red, yellow, black
  • Unlucky color: white, gold, brown
  • Lucky direction: northeast, southwest, south
  • Lucky flower: orchid, cactus

Year of Snake:

The 12 Chinese zodiac signs are assigned according to the Chinese calendar, which is different from the dates in the Gregorian calendar, especially for those were born at the beginning of the year. January in Gregorian calendar is usually November or December in the previous year in Chinese calendar.

People born within the date ranges can be said to have been born in the "Year of the Snake".

YearStart dateEnd date
1905Feb 04, 1905Jan 24, 1906
1917Jan 23, 1917Feb 10, 1918
1929Feb 10, 1929Jan 29, 1930
1941Jan 27, 1941Feb 14, 1942
1953Feb 14, 1953Feb 02, 1954
1965Feb 02, 1965Jan 20, 1966
1977Feb 18, 1977Feb 06, 1978
1989Feb 06, 1989Jan 26, 1990
2001Jan 24, 2001Feb 11, 2002
2013Feb 10, 2013Jan 30, 2014
2025Jan 29, 2025Feb 16, 2026
2037Feb 15, 2037Feb 03, 2038
2049Feb 02, 2049Jan 22, 2050
2061Jan 21, 2061Feb 08, 2062
2073Feb 07, 2073Jan 26, 2074
2085Jan 26, 2085Feb 13, 2086
2097Feb 12, 2097Jan 31, 2098

Strength for people born in "Year of Snake":

  • They are mysterious and romantic, but having mature attitude towards life;
  • They are calm and composed, and having the spirit of fighting to carry out all the time;
  • Move forward according to the plan, and do not like to show off;
  • Think carefully before the actions, understand own abilities and pay attention mental health;
  • Have keen thinking and can make quick decisions.

Weakness for people born in "Year of Snake":

  • Lack of interest, concern, or sympathy;
  • There is a soft side in personality, not easy to get close;
  • Skepticism, and sometimes too pride of themselves;
  • Difficult to get along with people around;
  • Stubborn and hard to refuse to admit defeat, even the attitude is courteous.


People born in the year of snake are cool in the appearance but warm in the heard. They have plans and goals, and be able to achieve success step by step.

They are idealists, self-motivated, and strive for whatever they like. They are enthusiastic about research, and because of the curiosity, they like to investigate before they believe it.

Both men and women pay attention to dress and appearance. They like buying expensive goods instead spending money on daily necessities.

Love Compatibility

In ancient Asian countries, the zodiac signs are important for young people because parents use the zodiac signs as references for their marriages. They believed some zodiac signs are good for marriage, while some others are not.

People born in the year of snake are best compatible with those born in the years of ox or rooster, and are not compatible with those born in the years of pig or tiger.

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