Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah, also known as Ashkenazi or Simchas Torah, is a public holiday in Israel, and it is observed on the 22nd day of the Tishrei month, which is the 7th month of the Jewish calendar.

Simchat Torah marks the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings and the beginning of a new cycle. It is a holiday immediately after the seven-day holiday of Sukkot.

Simchat Torah is celebrated on the same day as Shemini Atzeret in Israel, and it is a joyous event with dancing and singing.

The following is the list of the Simchat Torah in Israel from 2022 to 2026.

Simchat TorahOct 17, 2022Monday
Simchat TorahOct 07, 2023Saturday
Simchat TorahOct 24, 2024Thursday
Simchat TorahOct 14, 2025Tuesday
Simchat TorahOct 03, 2026Saturday

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