Sandinista Revolution Day (Nicaragua)

Sandinista Revolution Day is a public holiday in Nicaragua, and it is observed on July 19 each year. The holiday celebrates the fall of the militarized Somoza family dictatorship in 1979.

In 1937, Somoza García assumed the presidency. He amended the Nicaraguan Constitution and concentrated all power in his hands. After he was assassinated in September 1956, his sons started to rule the country.

The FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional) was formed in 1961 to against the Somoza dictatorship. In the first several years, the fights were tough, but the movement gained support from the population as time went by.

In early 1979, the FSLN movement started to liberate the cities from Somoza's control. On July 17, 1979, Somoza resigned from the presidency and handed the power to his supporter, but the temporary government lasted only one day.

On July 19, 1979, the FSLN army entered Managua and formally ended Somoza's dictatorship in Nicaragua.

The following is the list of Sandinista Revolution Day in Nicaragua from 2022 to 2026.

Sandinista Revolution DayJul 19, 2022Tuesday
Sandinista Revolution DayJul 19, 2023Wednesday
Sandinista Revolution DayJul 19, 2024Friday
Sandinista Revolution DayJul 19, 2025Saturday
Sandinista Revolution DayJul 19, 2026Sunday

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